direct driven hydraulic drive: effect of oil on efficiency

Direct Driven Hydraulic Drive: Effect of Oil on Efficiency

Direct driven hydraulic drives (DDH) have the advantages of compact high power density in hydraulic systems and flexible control of electric motors. These advantages can benefit non-road mobile machinery (NRMM) applications. However, maintaining high efficiency while working in sub-zero conditions with NRMM is challenging.

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(pdf) direct driven hydraulic drive - researchgate

(PDF) Direct Driven Hydraulic Drive - ResearchGate

Direct driven hydraulic drives (DDH) have the advantages of compact high power density in hydraulic systems and flexible control of electric motors. These advantages can benefit non-road mobile ...

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direct driven hydraulic drive for new powertrain topologies

Direct driven hydraulic drive for new powertrain topologies

This paper investigates a directly driven hydraulic drive's (DDH) effect on the efficiency of various NRMM powertrain topologies and analyses them with help of Sankey diagrams. DDH's measured energy efficiency varies up to 50% depending on the direction of the cylinder's motion and the motor speed.

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pdf direct driven hydraulic drive -

PDF Direct Driven Hydraulic Drive -

The experimental test setup is illustrated in Fig. 1. The setup uses a speed-controlled electric servo motor drive rotating a hydraulic pump to directly control the amount of hydraulic oil pumped into the system and at the same time directly driven hydraulic motor control the amount of oil pumped out from second side of the double-acting cylinder.

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hydraulic drives - an overview | sciencedirect topics

Hydraulic Drives - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

The current drive system for the culvert valves utilizes a series of wire rope drums that are driven by a hydraulic cylinder. Many of the components are original to the project. The proposed direct connected cylinder has a rod diameter of 125 mm (4.921 in.) and an internal cylinder diameter of 180 mm (7.087 in.).

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pdf optimization of the efficiency of hydrostatic drives

PDF Optimization of the efficiency of hydrostatic drives

efficiency and the ICE efficiency, Figure 4, is minimized . Because the hydrostatic efficiency and the ICE efficiency depend on the operating point of their drive components, hydraulic motor/pump and engine respectively, the routine uses the following digitalized 3D efficiency maps to characterize these components:

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how hydraulic fluids affect energy efficiency

How hydraulic fluids affect energy efficiency

How hydraulic fluids affect energy efficiency. The fluid is a key part of any hydraulic system. It transmits power, lubricates components, transfers heat, acts as a sealing agent, and helps minimize the harmful effects of contamination like dirt and water. And hydraulic fluid has become increasingly important when it comes to overall system efficiency.

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better efficiency with hydraulics | for tough tasks

Better efficiency with hydraulics | For tough tasks

Better efficiency with hydraulics. But for certain tasks, hydraulics holds the upper hand. Equipment with a single, controllable hydraulic pump and accumulator can consume less power than electric motors and gearboxes in applications with a lot of back-and-forth motion, that move or hold heavy loads, or that have a large number of motion axes.

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direct driven hydraulic drive: effect of oil on the

Direct driven hydraulic drive: effect of oil on the

Direct driven hydraulic drives (DDH) have the advantages of compact high power density in hydraulic systems and flexible control of electric motors. These advantages can benefit non-road mobile ...

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what's the difference between direct and indirect drives

What's the Difference Between Direct and Indirect Drives

Simple indirect drives, in which the driving pulley or gear mounts directly on the pump shaft, creates the highest side loads. To minimize these loads, the driving member should be placed as close on the shaft to the pump as possible. Using the largest practical gear or pulley also minimizes bearing loads.

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why no hydraulic drive systems on roadcars? - page 3

Why no Hydraulic Drive Systems on roadcars? - Page 3

What I think would make hydraulic drive in a car really work is to turn the gas pedal into a speed selector pedal. Have an engine with a very very flat power curve, and a computer regulate swashplate angle and engine speed.

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hydraulic pumps and motors: considering efficiency

Hydraulic Pumps and Motors: Considering Efficiency

Hydraulic Pumps and Motors: Considering Efficiency. Like theoretical flow, theoretical drive torque can be calculated. For the above pump, in SI units: 100 cc/rev x 207 bar / 20 x p = 329 Newton meters. But like actual flow, actual drive torque must be measured and this requires the use of a dynamometer.

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hydrostatic drives | machine design

Hydrostatic Drives | Machine Design

The forte of this unit is efficiency, but speed range is usually limited to 4:1. Drive configurations: Hydrostatic transmissions usually take one of two general configurations, split or close coupled.

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pdf fan drive system application guidefr - eaton

PDF Fan Drive System Application GuideFR - Eaton

It is possible that an operating condition other than maximum cooling would drive the pump size. For example, if an application required 12 HP at a minimum engine speed of 1200 rpm, but 10 HP at a minimum engine speed of 800 rpm, the 12HP condition would dictate the pump size.

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tatiana minav - google scholar -sitaatit

Tatiana Minav - Google Scholar -sitaatit

Effect of an electric motor on the energy efficiency of an electro-hydraulic forklift T Minav, L Laurila, J Pyrhönen Energy efficiency-A bridge to low carbon economy , 2012

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hydraulic oil can make a major difference to power consumption

Hydraulic Oil Can Make a Major Difference to Power Consumption

The machine employed a two-section, combination heat exchanger for both hydraulic oil and engine coolant (which was sized for the original, fixed-displacement pump) with a hydraulic fan drive. The fan drive was thermostatically controlled based on engine coolant temperature.

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pdf energy efficient hydraulic hybrid drives - diva portal

PDF Energy Efficient Hydraulic Hybrid Drives - DiVA portal

efficiency for the hydraulic system too. 2 New developments of hydraulic hybrids A newly developed system is the series hydraulic hybrid for cars from Artemis, [2]. The system is built as a direct drive hybrid, as shown in Fig. 9. In this system the hydraulic motors are directly connected to the driving wheel axis without any gear-box.

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engineering essentials: fundamentals of hydraulic pumps

Engineering Essentials: Fundamentals of Hydraulic Pumps

Overall efficiency of a hydraulic pump is the product of its volumetric and mechanical efficiencies. Pumps are generally rated by their maximum operating pressure capability and their output, in gpm or lpm, at a given drive speed, in rpm.

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adjustable-speed drive

Adjustable-speed drive

Adjustable speed drive (ASD), also known as variable-speed drive (VSD), describes equipment used to control the speed of machinery.Many industrial processes such as assembly lines must operate at different speeds for different products. Where process conditions demand adjustment of flow from a pump or fan, varying the speed of the drive may save energy compared with other techniques for flow ...

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pdf hydraulic pump basics hydraulic pump purpose - parker hannifin

PDF Hydraulic Pump Basics Hydraulic Pump Purpose - Parker Hannifin

Hydraulic Pump/Motor Division In this view the variable orifice is restricting pump flow . Pump outlet pressure is increased and a pressure drop is created across the orifice. The pump pressure will increase until it overcomes the differential spring force and shifts the spool to direct control oil into the servo piston and destroke the pump. The

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pdf hydraulic drives market trends and offerings - eaton

PDF Hydraulic drives market trends and offerings - Eaton

Hydraulic motors are driven by a hydraulic pump. ... will have a direct impact on drive speed variations, which can ... helps to provide the required hydraulic oil film at the rotor running surface for heat dissipation and bearing effect. Also the bearing

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engineering essentials: hydraulic motors | hydraulics

Engineering Essentials: Hydraulic Motors | Hydraulics

A direct-drive gerotor motor consists of an inner-outer gear set and an output shaft, Figure 2. ... have a slotted rotor mounted on a drive shaft that is driven by the rotor. ... excessive temperature can cause loss of efficiency because the oil becomes thinner, and can produce rapid wear ...

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tatiana minav | aalto university -

Tatiana Minav | Aalto University -

Direct driven hydraulic drive (DDH) has the advantages of compact high power of the hydraulic system and flexible control of the electric motor. This paper investigates effect of hydraulic oil on the efficiency of a DDH within cold environment for non-road mobile machinery (NRMM) application.

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selecting your drive - cat pumps

Selecting Your Drive - Cat Pumps

Drive Selection. Pumps can be direct driven by several means; hollow-shafted drives, bell housing and flexible coupler, gear box, or hydraulic motor. Air driven solutions are available but very inefficient. Contact Cat Pumps. Many of our pumps have a double sided crankshaft configuration.

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pdf modeling of hydraulic systems - maplesoft

PDF Modeling of Hydraulic Systems - Maplesoft

2.1 Hydraulic Drive 9 2.2 Hydrostatic Transmission (Closed Circuit) 10 ... instance the ideal pressure supply can be replaced by a model of a pump driven by an electric motor and a ... The direct connection of two lumped volumes leads usually to problems. If you look at the resulting

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driven racing oil online sales

Driven Racing Oil Online Sales

Driven Racing Oil Online Sales. Toggle menu ... HDF Hydraulic Damper Fluid/Fork Oil; Power Steering Fluid - PSF; ... Driven Racing Oil Sales 8300 Lane Drive Watervliet, MI 49098. Accounts & Orders. Wishlist; Login or Sign Up; Order Status; Shipping & Returns;

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pdf variable speed pumping - us department of energy


Variable Speed Pumping — A Guide to Successful Applications, Executive Summary is the result of a collaboration between the Hydraulic Institute, Europump, and the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Industrial Technologies Program.

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pdf energy saving technologies for motor-driven hydraulics

PDF Energy Saving Technologies for Motor-Driven Hydraulics

drive can maintain just the right pump speed to accurately hold a setpoint. Higher efficiency gained by using the VFD results in less heat to be dissipated. Benefits of noise reduction and energy savings can be achieved on both variable speed pressure compensated and fixed displacement pumps. Many pressure compensated hydraulic systems

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pneumatics test flashcards | quizlet

Pneumatics Test Flashcards | Quizlet

Corrosion tests used with petroleum-based hydraulic fluids determine the effect on metal parts of components from BLANK compounds that have remained in the fluid after refining. sulfur Name two methods that are used to establish the lubrication and wear-prevention qualities of hydraulic fluids.

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non-road mobile machinery research papers -

Non-road mobile machinery Research Papers -

This paper investigates the effect of a permanent magnet synchronous machine (PMSM) drive on the efficiency of an electric energy recovery system of a hydraulic forklift. The control of the system is implemented directly with a permanent magnet AC servo motor drive without control valves.

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